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september 2, 2011


Tara Without Borders (TWB)

 Love Without Borders Charity Fund

Tara Without Borders” or “Love Without Borders” is a Charity Fund founded in March 2008 by a group of Vietnamese Buddhists following Tibetan Buddhism, based in Westminster, California, United States, with  the purpose of playing a small part in easing the pain of less fortunate people, irrespective of their races, especially focusing on the elderly, the disabled and orphans in Viet Nam.

Apart from this, being Buddhists following the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and having a strong connection with Tibetan lamas as well as the Tibetan culture and society, we cannot ignore the pain and poor conditions of Tibetans living in isolated villages or in exile, especially the elderly, women and children. We also care for Tibetan sangha in need and wish to create comfortable living conditions and conducive learning environment for the sangha to assists them with their progress on the Dharma path.

Initially, we have worked quietly with charity projects assisting orphans and disabled children at orphanages, nursing homes, school classes, as well as restoring temples in isolated areas. However, realizing the growing need in assisting others, we have decided to establish “Tara Without Borders” Fund (TWB), or “Love Without Borders”, a Charity Fund under Viet Nalanda Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization founded in 2006, aiming to be a worldwide network connecting Vietnamese Buddhists  who practice or are interested in Tibetan Buddhism.

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here to read TWB's "Mission and Guidelines" (in English)

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Tibetan Children's Village

The Dalai Lama with the refugee children
at Tibetan Children's Village (TCV) in India in 1960


On the 16th of October 2007, Viet Nalanda Foundation (known as Viet Vajra Foundation then) had a precious audience with His Holiness Dalai Lama in Washington DC, United States. In this audience, Viet Vajra Foundation made a modest offering to His Holiness to contribute to the education and charity program called “Tibetan Children's Village” (TCV), founded by His Holiness in India in 1960, which looks after and provides education to Tibetan refugee children. Following this direction, “Tara Without Borders” (TWB) will continue to contribute to the charity causes by supporting community and clinical projects initiated by Tibetan lamas or charity organizations which are under His Holiness' auspice and guidance, in order to assist the sangha as well as the less fortunate Tibetans currently living in Tibet, India and Nepal etc...


We welcome any of your kind voluntary effort and donation, which would enable us to follow the virtuous deeds of Tara in healing the suffering and pain of sentient beings. All the donations will be tax deductible and fully accounted for, in accordance with the United States' law. We will send you the receipt/letter of merit acknowledgment  at the end of the year. Donations and suggestions can be sent to:

Tara Without Borders (TWB)
15568 Brookhurst Street #249
Westminster, CA 92683 – USA


Please write in cheque: Viet Nalanda Foundation
On the bottom of the cheque, please write: TWB
Or donation can be made through PayPal by clicking on “Donate” below:

For all enquiries or ideas, please contact:

tarawithoutborders@yahoo.com or call Mai-Thy 714-443-1210

Projects That Have Received Assistance From

Viet Nalanda Foundation / Tara Without Borders:

Ngawang Jorten Rinpoche. Sedgyued Monastery (India) – food for 8,000 monks and nuns studying at Monlam – Bodh gaya.
Jampa Kalsang - Dzongkar Choede Monastery (India) – food and transport means for the
monks and nuns studying at Monlam – Bodh gaya.
Geshela Chophel (India) – medication.
Universal Virtual Buddhist Charities (HTTPH) – helping those living in poverty in Viet Nam.
Venerable Minh T (Viet Nam) – supporting orphans.
Venerable Minh T (Viet Nam) – supporting the nuns.
Dzongkar Choede (India) – supporting the young monks.
Garchen Institute (Tibet) – construction of the roads for Tibetan nomads of Dora village.
Sonam Rinpoche (Tibet) – building retreat huts for Nunnery Chodrak.
Tzu Chi Foundation & Red Cross (Taiwan-US) – helping victims of the earthquake in Japan.
Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche (Tibet) – supporting the monks and nuns in Golok.
Venerable Huệ Thi (Viet Nam)wheel chairs for the minority people.
Vairotsana Foundation (Tibet) – Pemakod Project & restoring Guru Rinpoche's holy land.
Zongkar Choede Monastery (India) – supporting the monks.
Lobsang Rinpoche - Garden Shartse (India) – providing milk and medication for the elderly monks.
Sư C Chơn Huệ (VN) – buying wheel chairs, bicycles and walking sticks for the elderly and disabled. 

Geshe Lobsang Chophel (India) – building 1 teaching hall at Ganden Monastery.
Universal Virtual Buddhist Charities (HTTPH) – supporting those living in poverty in Viet Nam.
Sư C Minh T (VN) – supporting the nuns.
Tibetan Meditation Center (US) – medication supplies for Jangchup Ling Monastery (India).
Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche (Tibet) – supporting the earthquake victims.
Chokri Community (India) – building bathrooms and toilets for the sangha at the Monastery.
Vairotsana Foundation (US) – building the stupa at Pemakod.
Sư C Chn Huệ (VN) – wheel chairs for patients with leprosy.
Venerable Huệ Thi (Viet Nam) – wheel chairs for the minority people.
The Most Venerable Lobsang Chophel (India) – supporting the monks.
Zongkar Choede Monastery (India) – supporting the monks.
Khensur Ngawang Jorden Rinpoche (India) supporting the monks.
Traga Rinpoche (Tibet) – supporting villagers' projects.
Sera Mey Monastery (India) – supporting the monks.
Foetus Cemetery (Viet Nam) – burials for
the abandoned foetuses.
Universal Virtue Buddhist Charities (USA) – supporting those living in poverty in Viet Nam.
Venerable Chơn Huệ (Viet Nam) – digging wells and assisting the flood victims in Middle region of Viet Nam.
Phổ Hiền Charity Organisation (USA) – assisting flood victims in the Middle region of Viet Nam and building Phổ Hiền Temple.
Tashi Lungpo Monastery (India) – supporting the monks.
Ayang Rinpoche Foundation (Tibet/India) – building the school and clinic.
Đức Sơn Temple (Viet Nam) – supporting the orphans.
Sơn Thủy Temple (on the border of Viet Nam and Laos) – repairing leaking roof.
Tibetan Aid (Tibet) –  supply of heaters for primary school children at Gar village.
Chodrak Nunnery (Tibet) – building the retreat centre for the nuns.
Zongkar Choede (India) – offering food to the monks receiving teaching from HH Dalai Lama.


Tibet Aid (Tibet) – buying 108 winter jackets for children at Gar village.
Sơn Thủy Temple (Viet Nam) – restoring the temple in the remote border area, holding monthly eight  precept practice for 300 Buddhists and refuge ceremony for the minority people.
Sera Mey Monastery (India) – supporting 1420 monks.
Buddhists with Love group (Viet Nam) – assisting the blinds, single elderly people and disabled children.
Chodrak Nunnery (Tibet) – supporting the sangha, restoring the nunnery and meditation hall.
Siddharta Compassion School (India) – opening classes for children living in poverty. in Bodh gaya.
Nunnery at Thupten Chokor Monastery (Tibet) – supporting the nuns.

Sơn Temple (Viet Nam) – supporting the nuns, children living in poverty.
Đức Sơn Temple (Viet Nam) – supporting 220 orphans, abandoned and sick children.
Diệu Vin Temple (Viet Nam) – supporting the monks, restoring the temple.
Từ Lm Temple (Viet Nam) – supporting 22 sangha, holding monthly eight precept practice for 40 Buddhists.
Sera Mey Monastery (India) – assisting with the famine for 1420 monks (first time)
Buddhists with Love group (Viet Nam) – helping the blinds, single elderly people and disabled children.
Đng Trang Temple (Viet Nam) – supporting 100 orphans.
Tibet Vision Project (Tibet) – Caring for and providing cataract operations for the elderly, nomads and people living in poverty in Tibet.
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors' Bridge Fund (Tibet) – assisting nomads and people living in poverty in Tibet to study technology.
Sera Mey Monastery (India) – assisting with the famine for 1420 monks (second time)Sơn Thủy Temple (Viet Nam) – restoring the  temple at the remote border area, holding monthly eight precept practice for 300 Buddhists and refuge ceremony for the minority people.
Tịnh Đức Temple (Viet Nam) – supporting 40 single, sick elderly people.
Maison Chance (Viet Nam) – supporting and educating 50 orphans/disabled people.

Tibetan Children's Village (India) – supporting and educating Tibetan refugee children in India.

 White Tara @ Rubin Collection

Green Tara @ Rubin Collection

Lotus Detail of Green Tara

Tara (Quan Âm)
là một hiện thân nữ của đức
Quán Thế Âm Bồ Tát

Trong  Phật Giáo Tây Tạng, Tara được xem  là Mẹ của tất cả mười phương chư Phật.  Đức Quán Thế Âm, khi nhìn thấy chúng sinh đau khổ, đã nhỏ lệ từ bi và giọt lệ này rơi xuống hoá thành Tara.  Đức Tara cùng đức Quán Thế Âm  đã thị hiện trong cuộc đời này với nguyện lực cứu khổ cứu nạn, ngày đêm không ngơi nghỉ để tiếp tục phổ độ chúng sinh cho đến khi nào không còn một chúng sinh nào phải chịu đau khổ nữa…


Tâm Bồ Đề quý báu
là cái
của sự an vui
cho chúng sinh,
à cam lồ vi diệu
để trừ thống khổ

Phước đức hàm chứa
trong tâm ấy,
làm sao đo lường?

Suy nghĩ
àm lợi ích chúng sinh,
có phước hơn
cúng dường chư Phật,
huống gì nỗ lực
làm lợi lạc tất cả
chúng hữu tình.

Đối với chúng sinh
thiếu niềm vui,
chịu nhiều
đau khổ,
Tâm hạnh Bồ Đề
có thể
đem lại
an vui,
trừ tất cả khổ.

Trích từ tác phẩm Nhập Bồ Tát Hạnh của Ngài Tịch Thiên (Shantideva)
Ni  Su Tri Hai dich Viet ngu.

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